So I’ve discovered something recently…I’ve been away for far far FAR too long!

I got out of wrestling for nearly a decade, sick of the terrible product, the horrible writing,  the crazy shenanigans, and too many deaths through accidental overdose or suicide. I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I turned my focus to extreme sports – mostly snowboarding and skateboarding – and then just got out of writing for a while.

It was All Elite Wrestling that brought me back. No, wait a minute, it was my wife PESTERING me constantly about All Elite Wrestling and how great it was going to be that brought me back. We ordered their “All Out” PPV in August 2019, and I was instantly hooked all over again, thanks to the insane stuff that went on there. It was on that show that I first came to know names like Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt, and Joey Janela, and knowing their show on TNT would launch a month later, I jumped in with both feet. For the first few months, it was smooth sailing. And then…

March 2020. Pandemic. Coronavirus, COVID, whatever you want to call it. It stopped the world cold.

And then, slowly, without live audiences,and then later with proper social distancing and protections in place (most of the time), wrestling slowly came back. And we watched, and we donated to the indies when they needed help. And wrestling continued to thrive, almost better than it had before, particularly the indies.

So with all that’s been going on, I figured I’d better start blogging about wrestling again, simply to keep my sanity. My wife, who hosts the PNRNetworks wrestling podcast Ring Around The Rosie, is probably way tired of hearing me bitch about the things that make me crazy and constantly rave about the things I love, and so I thought I’d start bitching and raving to the masses again. I dipped my toe back into the waters with a recent op-ed on PWInsider (which can be found reprinted here), and I’m not looking back.

So for better or worse, wrestling fans, look out – I’m BAAAACCCCKKKKK! And as always, it’s probably  going to be me against the world, because I frequently find myself at odds with what I call the “hardcore” fans – the heel-popping work rate obsessed know it all smarks who drive EVERYONE nuts. Me, I watch because I enjoy the crazy flippy-shit (that term gets WAY overused these days) and the incredible athleticism that these amazing young men and women bring to this sport today.

I also plan on mixing my wrestling writing with other related topics, including a focus on music in wrestling, tied into my music site, The Kirkham Report, and a few reports on wrestling and movies, tied into our entertainment site eCinemaOne and it’s long-running podcast Subject:CINEMA. I also may get into a YouTube or podcast series in the near future.

So Be ready, wrestling fans – it’s gonna be fun, and I’m sure a few people will absolutely HATE what I have to say, but say it I will. If you want to follow me on social media, the links are above – the more the merrier!